Oh, how good it is to get compliments. Great time to review our values and continue the challenge of meeting with excellence.

"First of all, I will comment a little on the figure of this battler and warrior - Marco Marcelino. A constant trajectory of learning, always recycling, full time dedication, serious entrepreneur, and secondly, I will comment a little about Serinews: it’s the mirror Of Marco Marcelino, so it is a serious company, in which people can bet a lot! "

Dionísio Z. Negrini, director of EME Eventos

"Serinews was instrumental in developing the CPFL Companies Guide. They understood our need and interacted with our internal team so the result was fantastic."

Pedro Paulo V. de Azevedo Kurbhi, CPFL marketing coordinator

"Serinews is a state-of-the-art company offering surprising answers, its a dynamic partner that reinvents, creates together with you, going beyond expectations. Serinews is formed by reliability, competence, creativity, good taste and professionalism.”

Bruno Theil, diretctor of Artmix Studios

"Serinews was a great school where I was able to learn very important things that I will always carry with me and Marco Marcelino a great teacher. Serinews is a demanding and always aware company in the most modern trends of the business world ... Not counting In the wonderful work environment that it offers its employees, I just have to thanks for the learning and for the opportunity given to me, and to wish a very successful year and many accomplishments. "

Ana Luiza Nakhoul, former Serinews collaborator and CEO at Madah Store. 

It is with satisfaction that J-Teck Global recognizes the good work of Serinews. By trusting in the professionalism and good service of your company, we can already see the return for having chosen it as a tool for the dissemination of our products."

Sérgio Schmitz, CEO of J-Teck Global

"The Serinews team is Professional, Competent, Persistent, Informative and Collaborative, always acting as Klass Partners."

Kelson´s, director of Klass

"Our contact with Serinews began in 2004 when we had the opportunity to get to know Marco Marcelino and his work, Serinews stands out for the seriousness and quality of its reports. Continue with that and count on our partnership."

Paulo Guerra, director of BG Soluções Tecnológicas

"Due to the reliability of the delivery times, the quality of the services offered and the dynamics of the service, we chose SERINEWS as our supplier and we are very satisfied with the work done by them."

Demétrius Napoleão Nápoles, director of Parafusos Napoles

"We have advised Serinews Professionals in Accounting, Tax and Labor matters, noticing a lot of interest, promptness, zeal, and commitment to compliance with the norms and procedures, which are not a few, imposed by our legislators. This commitment has resulted in orderly and consistent growth, Knowing exactly, even in the face of so much economic instability, when, how and what to do at every step. As a professional accounting, I affirm that Marco Marcelino is an excellent Professional, Dedicated, Creative, Visionary ... an ENTREPRENEUR. " 

Carlos Eduardo Azedo, director of Azeplan Contabil

“Maybe for beign a friend and client, it gets hard to say anything. I was very satisfied with the marketing planning made at my resale. It had a good result but it was fantastic to realize which is the vehicle profile vs. the values that I should be working on to get a better result in sales. Congratulations on the incredible creativity and competence.”

Hugo L. Okabe, director of Okabe multimarcas

"Serinews is a company that understands the client and proposes interesting solutions. As a director in Tecno Paint, I recommend this company because it always deals with actions with a lot of secrecy, trust and competence, and we are very happy to be part of the list of Serinews customers, their team always responds very swiftly to our needs. "

Ellington Britto, Director of Tecno Paint

"Serinews is a reference for the Brazilian visual communication industry and one of the pioneers in the market. Always with relevant and innovative content, we at Agfa Graphics always follow closely this important work of the publisher in this successful trajectory!"

Eduardo Sousa, Agfa Graphics Marketing Manager Latam

"Serinews is an innovative company offering an extraordinary range of services to its customers. Solutions that are always advanced in all their areas of operation and deliver concrete and measurable results." 

Eduardo P. Vaz, Commercial Director at FujiFilm

"A Serinews significa para mim o que existe de melhor em termos de competência, profissionalismo e visão de mercado. Trabalhar com empresas e pessoas desta estirpe está ficando cada vez mais raro nos dias de hoje."

Celso Vicente Pavani, diretor da TMC Ind.

"Serinews was to WX7 much more than a supplier, but a business partner who has always sought the best for our partnership and offered high-quality solutions. Especially in our year-end action where we make customized notebooks with variable data from our costumers. In addition to quality in the product, our customers were surprised by the memory. "

Alexandre Soncini, director of  VTEX

"Serinews a synonymous of dynamism, seriousness, creativity, competence and, above all, loyalty, it is difficult to describe what the professionals of this company are capable of, because with each new challenge they surpass themselves and always exceed our expectations. I wanna thank for the opportunity to share my day to day with this wonderful team. Congratulations Serinews. "

Nilton Meneses, Marketing Manager at Tecno Paint

"Serinews has quickly and creatively found the perfect solution to our need for change in communication. With the right words in the right places, we find a clear and modern way to get our message across!"

Fabricio Fagundes, Caltabiano

"Synonymous with seriousness and commitment to the market and its needs, extremely reliable in the way of communicating, it fulfills its role in a clear, objective and responsible way."

Leonardo Schmidtke, Commercial director of Grupo Serilon Brasil

"Serinews proposal, in charge of its Publisher Marco Marcelino, has always been to bring quality information to its target audience with editorial independence, which makes it a company with undisputed seriousness and builds a flawless image in the market."

Kleber Lourenco, director of Thatto Comunicação

"Serinews is synonymous with innovation, agility and personalization. It is a pleasure to be a customer and partner of this serious and committed company."

Carlos Cruz, director of IBVENDAS

"Serinews is a perfectly organized and structured company to serve its clients with projects that contemplate the latest innovations and market trends. Its market vision is broad and complete, offering creative and cost-effective alternatives to meet the demands of those who stop beign just a client to be incorporated in the spirit that guides the company: total partnership. "

Jorge Luiz Mussolin, Journalist and Out-of-home Media Editor

"Marco has a speed of thinking and creativity that allows us to offer great solutions to the graphic needs of our company."

José Roberto Macéa, President of Jopema

Empresário Digital Magazine

What our costumers say about

“For us from Océ, Empresário Serigrafico e Digital 2.0 magazine, edited by Serinews, it’s an important source of consult, always bringing pertinent topics to our business. One of the most important magazines from this market segment, both for suppliers and end costumers.” 

- Luciana Segantini, marketing from Océ do Brasil.

"I see the Serinews magazine as a precious source of information for the serigraphic market, I have been following the materials for a long time and I find the form which materials and technical articles contain, covering all serigraphic follow-up always with ethics and respect to all of the segment. "

- Claudemir Previtalli, director of Previtec Consultoria and Tecnologia Serigráfica

“Serinews, specifically in the form of Empresário Serigráfico and Digital 2.0 with their serious and dedicated work, became a reference in the Brazilian market of serigraphy and digital printing, always bringing relevant news to their readers and enriching articles, for better management and decision-making in their respective businesses. We believe that’s why this conquered credibility e carefully maintained it’s what makes Serinews grow in satisfaction among their readers and grow in business among their partners and clients.” 

- Ricardo Augusto Lie, director of Ampla Produtos de Comunicação Visual

"The initiative of a publication aimed at the business administrator in the segment of the services related to the serigraphy activity is a pioneer and has remained unique in Brazil, as far as the magazine Empresário Serigráfico is concerned.In this focus are technical articles, market reviews, The Serinews company naturally has broad editorial objectives, not just being restricted to this segment. While this is one of the main objectives of the Serinews business, it is a multidisciplinary professional, owner, technical-financial-sales-HR manager, and more. As a logical factor, we notice that the name refers to the origin. I want to believe that this happens with pride on the part of the publisher's administration. " 

- Ary Luiz Bon, Consultant of graphic companies and columnist

"We congratulate the entire team of Revista Empresário Serigráfico! It is with great satisfaction that we at AKAD congratulate the Revista Empresário Serigráfico for the next publication that will complete 100 editions. Over the years we have seen the evolution of the magazine, which has always followed the changes in the segment, and through the collaboration of professionals of values and knowledge have been able to bring quality information to the graphic market. We would like to congratulate and thank you for all the opportunities our relationship has provided. Make sure you are making a difference. "

- Claudia Gomes, Marketing Department of AKAD

"In my opinion, the Empresário Serigráfico Magazine has gained a great space in serigraphy becoming the main magazine of the market, merging equally all the segments that screen printing meets without prevailing or favor any partner aiming at the technical information, technologies, events, trends , personalities and other subjects. " 

- Guilherme Ishii, Development director of Genesis Tintas - - SP 

"As a former employee, I can say that I have followed closely the growth of Serinews, a company with a strong structure and a huge potential to grow in the market. Today, despite following the growth from afar, it continues visible and upward strained, especially because of the innovative vision of Marco Marcelino, director of the company. I'm happy and very pleased to have been part of this story! "

- Cintia Taketomi, Former collaborator

"I received the magazine and I am very happy to have been able to sign with you, once I was wanting to receive this material ( Empresário Serigráfico & Digital 2.0 Magazine) is a way to keep me informed here in the country, and you are always on top of the news . Grateful. "

- Marcelo Silva, director of Impressão Radical

"It was with enthusiasm that I began to read the magazine Empresário 2.0, edition 99, I liked the content, the layout, mainly, for the affection that I felt like the magazine was planned and executed. We have few media exclusively focused on the field of visual communication, which really cares about the segment, but I saw in the reports and articles a deep concern with the segment. I was director of ACIUB - Commercial and Industrial Association of Uberlândia – where my focus was on the project to undertake, with the help of SEBRAE we set up a core of the visual communication area where we detected several problems related to all the companies in the segment: the value of the square meter of printing was very low, lack of professionals both art finalist and machine operators, lack of relationship of professionals in the segment and lack of quality medias , with great advancement of Chinese products. Among other things, if possible in your magazine, give emphasis to these subjects for the area of visual communication. "

- Giovanni Rodrigues, Reilla Shop

"I have known your magazine Empresário Serigráfico from the beginning, I can certainly say that there has been a great evolution in these years, today I am a reader, a subscriber and a client, always dealing with matters that are important and relevant to our industry."

- Ben Hure, director of Alternativa

" My perception about Empresário Digital Magazine is a communication vehicle with beautiful layout, updated (which is the characteristic that I think it have the most impact on me), modern, with a lot of information and trust content. "

- Lorival Mariano, diretctor of Petink Soluções em PDV - 

"The serigraphic market has been showing constant growth over the years. This is a great achievement for all entrepreneurs and consumers who demand quality, dynamism and professionalism. And we can attribute much of this success to the entire Serinews team, which throughout its existence struggles bravely to seek and disseminate information and market news through its publications, which are part of an important part of the process: communication. Gênesis accompanies Empresário Digital Magazine from the beginning and is proud to be able to say that both grew together, always striving for the best partnership. The publisher Marco Marcelino and his team have always been able to deal with the entire market in a correct, impartial and truthful way, in addition to being always ahead with their vision of the market and valuing and disseminating Brazilian companies to the rest of the world. It is very important that we have the support of a serious company like Serinews. "

- Leonardo Ishii, Marketing director of Genesis Tintas

"Congratulations, this shows that all your work of many years for the benefit of the Serigraphic area is paying off. Recognition is a very good thing indeed. The magazine has been getting better and better with interesting subjects to help the graphic entrepreneur grows with management and quality in services. You also have concern with the environmental area which I think is extremely important, as you have known I seek for this area in our company for many years and, in general, I have been doing volunteer work guiding Southern printing, lecturing Free of charge, writing articles in magazines and newspapers in the area, as I think it is of the utmost importance and I see that you have this concern too, once again congratulations on everything. "

- Heloise Lunardi Coutinho, director of Indústria Serigráfica Tekne Ltda

What our costumers say about

Clínica de Resultados

"Thanks to the measures shared with the professionals of Serinews, we managed to grow more than 50% in 2012 and we intend to double our structure with application of the methodology applied through the Clínica de Resultados , indispensable product for the conscious growth. Thank you Marco Marcelino, we count on you 2013. "

- Carlos Eduardo Azedo, Director in Azeplan

"We had no idea that marketing strategies were so complex and could greatly help our company. They took a critical look at all areas of our business and took care of what needed the most attention."

- Anonymous. Note: this testimony did not leave the message's author in a comfortable position, who chose not to reveal his identity, but it remains the relevance that it is a process based on science and international best practices.

"I think the high point during the 10 months of work was when we came to understand how to use a lot of resources that we already had. This gave more security to our professionals. At the end of the program they came to ask us to renew it. "

- Anonymous. Note: this testimony did not leave the author of the message in a comfortable position, who preferred not to reveal his identity, but it remains the relevance that it is a medium term process that encounters barriers in its beginning, but because the methodology ends well. It is a process built on the possibilities of each and proposals of new routines to reach the goal.

"Our case was curious, and after a while we discovered that in reality we needed to end up with some product lines that were damaging to our company. Simple? I guarantee it's not." 

- Anonymous. Note: this testimony did not leave the author of the message in a comfortable position, who preferred not to reveal his identity, but it remains the relevance that it is a medium-term process that develops the solution tailored and focused on tools in venues, but because of the methodology  it ends well.

What our costumers say about


"There are some products, services and tools that are so good that you forget them. The Web2Sales from Lince it’s one of this tools. So good that you forget it exists! Flexible, reliable and modern translate the hotsite and with the Serinews guarantee and tradition. I recommend this for tranquility and security. "

- Daniel Fortunato, Director at Lince

"The idea of having a Web2Sales was very welcome because it has adequate cost, easy maintenance and interesting tools such as Twitter. Fast server response for corrections and changes."

- Mauricio Rosado, Sales Manager at Sefar

"We just have to thank all of Serinews' innovative initiatives, which are both secure and consistent, as in the case of Web2Sales. Thanks to the measures shared with Serinews professionals, we managed to grow more than 50% in 2012 and intend to double our structure with application of the methodology applied through CLÍNICA DE RESULTADOS , indispensable product for the conscious growth. Thanks Marco Marcelino, we count on you in 2013. "

- Carlos Eduardo Azedo, Director at Azeplan

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